My Beautiful Sad Life 1


Even though my life seems wonderful,  it seems like I have everything I want,  but my life is beautifully sad. 

I got out of the Taxi that brought me from the airport,  kept wondering about my schedule for the month,  it’s been really hectic,  my fifth time travelling down to New YORK but for the #NYFW this time, others been conferences,  meetings and contract signing.  it’s really obvious that something is really going down this week,  everyone dressed to impress,  dressed in an overcoat,  a pant, and  booties,  with my oversized Diana Von Furtesberg (DVF) 2015 collection bag,  I think I was dressed well for the season,  if am allowed to call it that. I got to the reception of the hotel I always book anytime am in New York,  not that I don’t have friends here,  I got tons actually,  from my school days,  but I am not someone that really keep tabs on people,  so I don’t bother to check,  and my pay check every month can actually afford staying in an hotel for few days.  I got checked in the hotel,  the bell boy carrying all my baggage in for me,  I always loved the view of the hotel room,  I stood looking at the ants of people that go around the street of New York,  mostly teenagers ready for the fashion week. I really don’t want to be here,  but my little sister has been persistent for weeks,  and I can’t refuse her anything,  she owns a big fashion house in Nigeria,  with different branches all over the country,  she attended a fashion school in new York and familiar with a lot of celebrity designers, she always attended the fashion show every year and always drag me along as her hand bag,  I really don’t like the limelight,  everybody says I have that perfect life to live In the limelight,  I could be mistaking for a model with my bony physique,  everyone wanted me to go into modelling during my school days,  I always disagreed with them,  remembered when Oyinlola,  (by the way that’s my little sister),  got me a form to participate in the Miss Nigeria beauty competition, I agreed to go for the auditions with her accepting to go along with me to the location,  a night before the audition, I sneaked out of the house and went to hide in a friends place she didn’t actually know,  she called about a thousands times,  and later that day,  I sent her a text,  and she just had to forgive me.

Everyone says I live a boring life,  I have friends back at home that will really die to see me go out with them every Friday night,  girls night out n all.  But I prefer staying indoors,  they say am a workaholic and I live so boring.  I think I like it this way.  But only one thing is missing.  Financially I could take care of myself,  my family own a multi millionaire business at home,  controlled and managed by my elder brother and father,  and I own about 25% shares of the company plus I work in one of the top Multi communication company.  I earn pretty well to sustain myself. 
Since I isolate myself from people,  I don’t have a relationship life,  I only dated once in the university, he was my life,  my everything, until he broke my heart into tiny pieces,  and I thought of it,  I can’t count on relationships,  I can only count on my career,  so I tie myself down to my career,  and accept people calling me a workaholic.  To be continued…


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