Nothing! (Ferry Experience)


I just sat thinking about What to write,  What to post, a lot on my mind but I just can’t get myself to writing something. 
I still dunno What to write, or How to arrange the thousands words running through my head right now.
Well, let’s start somewhere, Why don’t we start with my day.
Well, I had the most amazing day, I Went with a friend(Timmie) on a ferryboat today,  and actually my first time. After getting our tickets, we were given a life jacket, i kept on wondering How the little pink puffy whatever is going to save us if anything happened, Timmie helped with the Life jacket, and We boarded the ferry, some little boys, very young kids between the age 9-13, were all waiting by the shore, guiding passengers to the ferry, just kept wondering,  ain’t they scared? isn’t the water scary enough?.  When the ferry got filled up,  the ferryman got ready, i cant help but notice the young boys get on the ferry roof , seriously? Those kids are so daring, cant believe they could sit on the roof and get so  comfortable.
I kept on holding Timmie hands, I just couldn’t imagine bin alone, it Was really scary I felt my heart skip every time it makes (the ferry) a funny and scary sound, well thank God i had someone to hold, or i will be holding anyone close to me, if possible the Ferryman, as we kept on going , i became a little relaxed, i got Timmie and i think he kept on bringing up different conversations to take my mind off the water and the ferry, well it really helped, as we talked and chit-chat, i then noticed how amazing it was to be on the water, the breeze, and the warm feeling it brings, it Was one of those amazing moments, I just Had to appreciate Nature,  and at the same time appreciate technology. It took about 10 minutes to cross over, but on Road it definitely will take Hours, (about 4Hours)  I think I will never be satisfy with technology until I get to eat over the internet.  Seriously Technology taken over the world. It’s in everything we do, our everyday activities. Then the scariest thing happened,  when we were almost at the shore,  the ferry began to slow, well guess What?.  It turned out the fuel got exhausted,  I got all scared again. Lol. If we were going to swim down to the shore,  the ferryman tried to maneuver the ferry to the port. Finally we arrived, Breathing a Sigh of relief, Thankful it Was over.

Well, it Was a wonderful experience.
And BTW, excuse the picture. The ferry boat I took ain’t that nice…


2 thoughts on “Nothing! (Ferry Experience)

  1. Hello,
    I enjoyed reading this, your ferry adventure.
    I gasped at “fuel got exhausted”, I thought you’d have to swim to the shore XD
    Enjoy the rest of the week!

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