I’m following this amazing blog, “The Daily Post” I receive emails everyday on what to posts, but I don’t really follow, so I came across this wonderful topic “Home Turf ” , it says Name some  things in your House that makes it a Home… pretty interesting right?.  

Well. Have never really seen so much difference between a House and a Home. After reading the mail I get to see that these two words quite differ, but are related. A house won’t feel right if it doesn’t feel like Home and a Home really need a house. 

So back to the things in my house… 


1. Our Pictures:  

The best part of Our pictures in the house is how it is well arranged , from my dad, my mum, my brother and then Me. A Home have really got to have pictures of the family hung pretty nice.  


2. Our Furniture 

My Mum was into Designing and making of furnitire she made Our sitting room furnitures,  anytime she wants to tease us she reminds us of how old the furniture was, and it’s quite older than us. (My Bro and I) Lol. She just redesign them When they wearing out. They bring back so many wonderful memories.  


3. My dad Tribute Picture 

A tribute picture was done for my dad, to remind us of How much we really wish he was here with us. And How much he still lives in Our heart.


Hmm. I think these are the best things that makes my house a Home. I think. Well alongside Love… 🙂 




4 thoughts on ““HOME TURF”

  1. Hello Sekoyin,

    I enjoyed reading this beautifully written, heart-warming post. I am typing this comment with a big smile on my face. 🙂

    Indeed, sweet memories and love make a house a home.

    Have a nice weekend.

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