Bye 2016! 

I have a lot i am so thankful for this year and am super excited for my fresh start.( 2017 ) it was an amazing year, it came around with the bad, the good , the wonderful & the amazing moments. Trust me! Crazy Dramas. 
I had issues trying to understand people and the reason why they do the things they do, why they are so different and why i am so different. I realised they are just the way they are and their perspectives are who they really are. These brought about disaggreement with quite a few people in my life, which i dont want in 2017. And definitely to keep friends with Mutual respect. 

 I have always looked at people and see them differently from myself, i always looked down on what i do and who i am, always feeling they are more than me, they are good than me, they are beautiful, they are amazing… But 2016 made me embrace and accept myself for who i really am and made me thankful for this life, i may not have it all but i am so excited and thankful for another New year. 

Few hours to a New Year. Have a wonderful 2017

Below i have some pictures i took this year. 🙂 Thank Y’all for making my 2016. 


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