Bye 2016! 

I have a lot i am so thankful for this year and am super excited for my fresh start.( 2017 ) it was an amazing year, it came around with the bad, the good , the wonderful & the amazing moments. Trust me! Crazy Dramas.  I had issues trying to understand people and the reason … Continue reading Bye 2016! 


Being Young & Twenty. 

New phase, New directions, New Ambitions ...  This age comes with a new beginning, every little step means your present and your future. Every opportunities must be used. We take our life In our hands and direct our newly independent life. The time to appreciate our mistakes and learn from them, the time to lay … Continue reading Being Young & Twenty. 


  I'm following this amazing blog, "The Daily Post" I receive emails everyday on what to posts, but I don't really follow, so I came across this wonderful topic "Home Turf " , it says Name some  things in your House that makes it a Home... pretty interesting right?.   Well. Have never really seen … Continue reading “HOME TURF”

“Indigenizing the Academy” without Indigenous people: who can teach our stories?

Moontime Warrior

“The Indigenous person engages in philosophy by thoughtfully examining the world. The outsider examines Indigenous philosophy by thoughtfully interacting with the Indigenous philosopher.”

— Thurman Lee Hester Jr. and Dennis McPherson, “The Euro-American Philosophical Tradition and its Ability to Examine Indigenous Philosophy”1

With the release of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report on residential schools in June 2015, “Indigenizing the Academy” is a hot topic in Canadian universities. As institutions explore the introduction of Indigenous content, we have to question what is defined as Indigenous content, who this content serves, and how the pursuit of “indigenizing the academy” can easily become exploitative.

In 2013, I helped put together a new syllabus for an Indigenous Philosophy class at my university. The philosophy department wouldn’t consider allowing someone without a PhD in philosophy teach this course, but pairing an Indigenous undergrad with a white philosophy professor was, apparently, acceptable. (Oh, the power…

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Everyone have a dream which make us all different from each other,  some dreams becomes reality while some becomes fond memories.  We just have to keep pushing to achieve our dreams,  it all have to start from the first step, we don't have to rush to achieve our dreams , it just comes naturally, with … Continue reading Dreams.

Overheard in Nigeria #2

Lool. Shine your eyes in lagos.

Lightbulbs and Daydreams

I was to drop off at Iyana Brown (Brown street) in Oshodi when the molue took me past my stop.

I then shouted ‘owa o, owa o’ which means I’ve gotten to my destination.

You know molue doesn’t stop at any point and of course I had to jump down. Instead of running forward, I stood and I found myself flat on the road with terrible bruises to show 4 it.

A crowd of sympathisers surrounded me and 1 or 2 of them gave a lesson on ‘how to jump from a moving molue’.

Thats our Lagos!

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Ramadan Reality Check: Burnout or Speed Up

Muslim Words

For me, the weeks and days leading up to Ramadan are filled with hope, enthusiasm and determination. I look forward to the days and nights of tranquility, and a sense of unity among the ummah, worldwide. I long for the shayateen to be locked up, so that I can begin my soul searching and be steadfast in my worship. Just the thought of having the chance to improve myself and gain both reward and forgiveness seems to relieve my heart and make me happy.

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