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Short and Sweet Advice For Writers – Have a Point (plus WIIFM)

I really needed this. 🙂 craft of writing

Live to Write - Write to Live

hand drawn mind mapIf you want your writing to be effective, you need to have a point: a purpose, something specific you’re trying to say, a “Why” behind the writing. This rule applies no matter what you’re crafting – novel, short story, poem, personal essay, op-ed, sales page, website, flash fiction, screenplay. Having a point is what stokes your creative fire, and it’s what gives you the ability to write something that will make people care.

I have written in the past about the magic of clarity:

Clarity brings focus and purpose to your writing. It illuminates the ultimate reason you’re driven to write a thing and it helps you make critical decisions about what to include and what to leave out. Clarity is like a pair of enchanted glasses that filters out everything extraneous so you can hone in on exactly the things you need to tell your story. When you have clarity…

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You know what’s f*cking scary?


We are often blinded by the things we think we cannot do.  Believing we are stopped by things we really do not know. Maybe money, or time. But if we really think about it, it doesn’t really hinder us. We just think it does.

And when we think this, it often scares us. Of how little our personal world could be. How that horizon on the north is unreachable. It scares us how there are thousand things we want to do, but can’t.

But if you really think about it, you can actually do it; it’s possible. That possibilty is very much alive. We have our life in our hands. Our resources can be found, with just a little perseverance and a bit more effort.

Then you’d realize that you were the only one limiting yourself, when in reality, it’s in the palm of your hands. Then you’d realize further…

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